Red Flag Security
Segmenting Virtual Machines in VirtualBox
One of the things that is common when studying for a security certification exam, doing research or just doing general IT tasks may be downloading a virtual machine and running it on a host system. I’m sure that this works out fine most of the time. But what if... Read more
Up and Running with Kali on Docker
Most security professionals (and pen testers especially) use virtual machines every day. This is for many reasons, such as segmentation, keeping all client work in one location and sometimes security tools have an ironically less secure configuration or require weird dependencies that they may not want to stick around... Read more
Decrypting TLS Browser Traffic With Wireshark – The Easy Way!
Intro Most IT people are somewhat familiar with Wireshark.  It is a traffic analyzer, that helps you learn how networking works, diagnose problems and much more. One of the problems with the way Wireshark works is that it can’t easily analyze encrypted traffic, like TLS.  It used to be if... Read more